Saturday flea market

March 18, 2008

They advertise themselves as “Tulsa’s Nicest Flea Market.” Which is probably true. They are, in fact, very friendly. And they have lots of stuff: antiques, soap and candles, trinkets, jewelry, and guns are the usual offerings.

Flea mrkt

 It’s worth going, particularly if you’re looking for a special piece of milkglass or just need your flea market fix. There’s not much in the way of used furniture and personal items– the rather questionable flea market on the same day on Admiral is much better for that. The Saturday Flea Market runs 8-5, but most booths are only there for the morning. It’s currently housed at the Fairgrounds, er, Quicktrip Expo Center and is completely free!


Dollar cinema in Tulsa

March 17, 2008

 Hello folks! I know its been awhile. I’m back to recommend the Dollar Cinema on South Memorial across from Woodland Hills Mall for your discount movie viewing pleasure. It’s actually called Cinemark Movies 8, but $1 movie tickets have given the venue its popular name as the Dollar Cinema. Take note, though, that movie tickets aren’t always a dollar: tickets are $1.50 after 6pm, a whopping $1.75 Friday and SaCinemark Tulsaturday evening, and .50 cents all day Tuesday. Any way you slice it, its still cheaper than renting from Blockbluster.





TU-Gilcrease merger

February 25, 2008

Reposted from TU’s website:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Proposed TU/Gilcrease Partnership

Why is this agreement between TU and the City of Tulsa taking place?

The primary goal of the proposed TU and Gilcrease partnership is to consolidate management of the museum under a single entity in order to better preserve, enhance and strengthen the world class collection and legacy of Thomas Gilcrease. Read the rest of this entry »

Weber’s- Cheap stuff to do in Tulsa #1

February 12, 2008

In recognition of Valentine’s day, I’ve decided to start a series on cheap entertainment and fun to be had in Tulsa. As a student, I have devoted much time to discovering fun and inexpensive ways of having fun around town, and have had everyone from bosses to businessmen ask what there is to do here for cheap.These dates are based on things to do for two or more people for $10-15 or less.

Weber’s Root Beer

webers Weber’s makes incredible home-made root beer and claims to be the originator of the hamburger. It’s a drive-up hamburger stand at Peoria and 38th that’s somewhere between fast food and sit-down service. It’s the kind of place that you would imagine had its heyday in the 1960s with the constant patronage of high school students in letter jackets. They make it as you order it, the help may not be too friendly, and the food is cheap and good. I like to get the 89-cent miniature hamburgers or “sliders” as I’ve heard them called and split a gigantic pint of root beer. Perhaps the best thing about Webers is the coupons that you can print and bring with you.

Cycling…or not

February 9, 2008
Today’s just gorgeous in Tulsa. I cycled on the Osage Prarie Trail, but didn’t get very far. It starts at the OSU-Tulsa campus and goes north to Skiatook. Unfortunately, after 2 or 3 miles the trail ended near a highway overpass- it looked like it had been recently broken up. It was hard to tell where the trail picked up again, so we abandoned it. Instead, we took a tour of downtown on bike. The weekend is a great time for cycling downtown, the Boy and I weren’t the only ones out there. I also noticed today that if you look up at Artificial Cloud at the Center of the Universe from below, it will appear as though there its hanging over Williams. Ominous, no? This picture doesn’t show it from the angle I’m talking about, but you get the idea.Artificial Cloud

Waste basket of America?

January 24, 2008

A good friend pointed out a very interesting little graphic to me yesterday. It comes from Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s latest anti-litter educational campaign. Take a look (push reload if it’s not moving on your screen):

Keep our land grand 

But what is that thing to the left? It could be a very asymmetrical wastebasket, but it also bears a striking resemblance to this state: 

The icon in the Oklahoma slogan has clearly been gif-ified and all the little bumps and irregularities on the borders smoothed out.  But even more striking is the placement of this Arkansas-shaped icon: directly to the right of “Oklahoma” just as it would be on the map. And there’s no mistaking that lumpy little yellow ball is going straight from Oklahoma into the heart of Arkansas.
So what happened here? Was this intended? Oklahoma litter campaign = put trash in Arkansas. You’d think someone would have noticed by now and gotten the campaign graphic changed. Otherwise, Arkansas, start monitoring those Okie borders!

Subs and monkeys

January 21, 2008

Mohawk parkI spent yesterday in North Tulsa and made some really exciting finds. First of all, the Boy and I crossed off one of the top Things We Should Do in Tulsa: have lunch at Hero’s Subs and Burgers. It’s an old-style deli run by a family at Admiral and Sheridan. The lunch deals were pretty good. I got the gyros special, a large “authentic” gyro and a packet of fries bigger than I could eat. The Boy got the Hero Sub that was -seriously- over a foot long. The gyro was the best I’ve had in Tulsa. (This is no idle statement: I brake for Greek food.)

Afterwards, we headed over to Mohawk Park to find the Oxley Nature Center. The center was closed, but to our surprise the Zoo was open. The Tulsa Zoo is nestled in the Mohawk Park complex, a sort of catch-all parks and recreation area built by the city. The Boy and I wavered around the zoo entrance, until an employee told us that tickets were half off because it was under 32 degrees. Cool! We swanned in and found ourselves to be pretty much the only people wandering around inside. I enjoyed the zoo much more than I usually do going in the summer. The animals were more active, there were fewer kids running around and the trainers take the time to pull you over and point out the small prosimian dangling over your head. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take my camera, so no pictures. My favorite exhibits were the Rainforest pavillion and the seal diving tank. I thought the fish tank in the rainforest was amazing, but I wish that there had been labels of the very large and exotic fish.

Still alive and kicking

January 11, 2008

Just want everyone to know, I’m not dead yet, LTT still has a pulse. I’ll post more frequently soon.

Someone needs to rent a billboard

December 28, 2007
Finish something.
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Tulsa Now! gets url back

December 24, 2007

Tulsa Now! is back in blog form and still offers their popular public forums and event calendar. The public forums are pretty good. The event calendar is worth looking at every now and then, it’s pretty all-encompassing.

Merry Christmas!